How to get involved?

- Crews (see below)

- Donations (see below)

- Projects (see projects under More Links)



Help needed with the following:

  • Experienced people with computer/IT skills and/or sound and lighting knowledge to help with the multimedia, sound and lighting of productions.
  • Building of decor and props 
  • Trailer loading and offloading of decor
  • Making of clothing and costumes for a production
  • Set up and preparations for an outreach or performance (marquee tents, stage, tables etc.)
  • Preparations also include packing of food or goodie parcels, painting and posters.
  • Backstage crew needed during a production to move props and decor onto and off stage

Any willing person with the right heart and attitude is welcome!


Any willing person with experience or background in ballet, modern jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop or flag-work is welcome to join.

The dance crew will practice once a week and will have to be dedicated and committed.

Dancers must be willing to perform on short notice and on any terrain (grass, cement, carpet etc.) or in any circumstances.  

Various props might be used in one production with multiple and sometimes quick costume changes.

The dancing is a very powerful media used to emphasize a specific theme or message.


Any willing person who can sing and/or play an instrument.

The goal is to produce a band for praise and worship and/or performing live during a production.

The band will practice regularly, aiming for once a week, building up a repertoire of songs and new compositions. 

The band must be dedicated and ready to perform at any time, in any circumstances and anywhere.


 We need deep, serious prayer warriors who is committed to pray and intercede for the whole team at any time.


 NPO number: (####)

Donations can be in the form of:

  • money 
  • non-perishable food
  • not-too-shabby secondhand clothes and shoes
  • blankets
  • books (including Bibles)
  • furniture
  • ...any other useful items

Banking details:





Woodlands (branch) - 632005

Goods can be delivered at the following physical address:

Plot 58/1

Leander Road

Olympus A.H.

Pretoria, South Africa

We will also collect items.

Please see Contact Us for details.


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